Proposed Projects

Arsenic/Manganese ReductionTreatment Project

The Treatment Project has been approved by the

Ministry of Forests, Land and Natural Resources Operations.            

Utility Regulation Section.

Decomissioning of the quonset building and rebuilding of the new treatment facility has begun. (Sept/Oct 2016)

Treatment equipment is now being designed and will be installed in the New Year,  slated for January 2017.

Completed March 2017


Reservoir #2 Expansion

The reservoir expansion has been approved by the Ministry of Environment, slated for spring of 2015. 

Update May 2015, you might have noticied it doubled in size and is near completion!

Completed May/June 2015

Replacement of Reservoir #1 Roof

Slated for spring of 2015 

Completed September/October 2015

Both pump house roofs were replaced  Fall 2014





  • Arsenic/Manganese Treatment Project
    Spring 2017