Avoid Late Payment Charges

If the amount due on any bill has not been paid in full within (30) thirty days from the date of issue a further bill will be rendered to include the overdue amount plus a late payment charge of $10.00.  If a cheque is returned from the customer's financial institution, an administration fee of $25.00 will be charged.

Service Shut-Off due to Non-Payment

When an account becomes one month overdue service may be shut off upon 15 days' written notice.  A notice mailed to the last known postal address of the customer shall be deemed good and sufficient notice.  A collection charge of $30.00 shall be paid each time a Utility representative attends a customer's premises to disconnect service.  A reconnection fee of $85.00 shall be applied for reconnection of service.

Work to be done by the Utility

No person, who is not an agent or employee of the Utility, shall make any connections with or alterations to or tamper with any of the Utility's waterworks, including any water meters belonging to the Utility, nor turn on or off any valve or curb stop of the Utility, without prior authorization by the Utility in writing.